Cumbria School of Saddlery

Teaching the skills of the Rural Craftsman

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David May has been a member of the Master Saddlers Society for 25 years, has worked in the trade for 38 and has been running these courses for 20 years. He has gained extensive knowledge of the craft, especially on the repair side, through working with Nimrods of Edinburgh, Langfords of Woodstock and also with a King's Troop saddler. He ran his own one-man business in Warwickshire for twelve years where many top riders, including international showjumpers, were among his customers. He had a repair and manufacture business at Penrith, Cumbria which served a local clientele for eighteen years.

David has considerable experience in bridlework and in flocking saddles to fit (as well as being qualified to fit the Flair air system). He takes great pride in the finish of all his made-to-measure work, leathergoods and in the quality of his repair service. He has good communication skills when dealing with customers and students and believes he can impart enough basic knowledge and skills to enable you to work at home on your own repairs or even begin your own small business. David will be putting every effort into the week to ensure that you learn as much as possible in the time available. The experience should be useful, rewarding and fun. Why not sign up now?

Comments from past students

  • "Loved every minute!" S.O'F. (New Zealand)
  • "A really good two weeks. I have learned so much. Many thanks, David!" C.T.(West Sussex)
  • "A really interesting and informative week that went by too quickly." D.C. (Perthshire)
  • "Interesting week, extremely informative, class A teaching." D.W.(Yorkshire)
  • "I picked up some excellent tips and learned very quickly what I need to practise." B.W.(Massachusetts)
  • "Thank you so much for such an inspiring, interesting and enjoyable week at The Cumbria School of Saddlery. I had a brilliant time and wished the course had been for at least a month!" K.S. (Dorset)