Cumbria School of Saddlery

Teaching the skills of the Rural Craftsman

The Leather Box and Casework Course

A three or four day course for those who know how to handstitch or who have attended the Bridlework Course Part 1.

On this course we will be looking at the techniques involved in making boxes and cases by hand. A very rewarding and fascinating occupation. This is a skill which is rarely found nowadays. There is an option to stay on for a fourth day if you would like to.

The course will cover the following:

  • Making round leather boxes and lids using your own or the School's leather.
  • Binocular cases, mobile phone cases
  • Casing leather (soaking in water) and moulding onto wooden blocks - ie. knife cases, pouches, bags.
  • Fitting of catches, studs and straps.
  • Repair methods for leather boxes and cases.

"Impressed with what I've learned. Enjoyed box-making." H.B. (Worcestershire)

"Loved the box and case-making. Very satisfying as always. Looking forward to the next course - I think I'm addicted!" A.C. (Shropshire)

A certificate of attendance is awarded on completion of each course.